Using Emerald In Home Decor

It’s time to trade out those tangerine tango pillow covers for emerald because Pantone named its 2013 color of the year. Emerald is a particularly bright and energetic tone of green, and its connection to the gorgeous gemstone adds a luxurious element to its hue.  It’s a warm, versatile color that can transform a classically conservative design to a fresh and modern look. Here are some suggestions for using emerald in your home décor.

Make a splash

An accent wall is one of the easiest ways to incorporate emerald in home décor. All you need is a can of emerald paint and a roller. Remember that for living room and bedroom walls, matte paint eliminates glare. For bathrooms, high gloss paint is easier to clean and is moisture-resistant.

Cover up

Use emerald-accented pillow covers and throws on your sofa and armchairs. These items come in all price points.


Pull your look together by decorating your rooms with emerald-accented wall art, vases and – the  most ubiquitous emerald item of them all — houseplants. Plants that come in this hue include pothos (devil’s ivy), English ivy, ferms and aglaonema (emerald beauties).

At Paul Michael Company, we’d love to help you find or create unique emerald accents for your home decor.  Stop by one of our store locations or check us out on Facebook for more information!

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