Visiting the Round Top Antiques Fair

The Original Round Top Antiques Fair held its 44th Annual Fall Fair Sept. 28 through Oct. 1, and Paul Michael was there scouring the Big Red Barn & Tent, Continental Tent and Carmine Dance Hall looking for fresh wares and hidden treasures.

For those of us in the antiquing world, Round Top is a big deal. Described best on its website:

“Best-of-the-best exhibitors each year continue to outdo the quality of their booths. They continually search all over the country, and indeed the world, for those perfect items to show their clientele, because they know the quality that is expected from customers of the Original Round Top Antiques Fair.”

The event is held in the small town of Round Top, Texas, which is also home to one of Paul’s favorite places to eat: Royer’s Round Top Café. Where in the world is Paul, you ask?

Here he is a few days ago on the porch of Royer’s.

Did you miss our last update on Paul’s most recent adventures? Be sure to follow him as he searches for antique treasures!

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