What Does the Fall Harvest Season Mean to You?

I know we’ve already been talking Christmas decorations, but we’d like to backtrack a bit to talk about an important celebration that happens before Santa and his helpers get involved: the harvest.

Here in the United States, harvest festivities occur throughout the autumn season and culminate with the holiday of Thanksgiving. But harvest celebrations have occurred throughout the world for thousands of years. Many traditions stemmed from ancient harvest celebrations that took place during the harvest full moon of the autumnal equinox as a way to give thanks to mother earth for providing us with food. And while many traditions revolve around the celebration of a successful harvest, they can mean different meanings to different cultures.

Harvest traditions and customs in the United States have taken on new meanings, however, as we have moved away from an agricultural society. Today, many people see harvest celebrations and Thanksgiving as a time to give thanks for not only food but for all blessings and individuals in our lives.

What does the fall harvest mean to you? And how does your family celebrate the harvest season? Share with us in a comment!

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