White Home Design Paves the Way for Colorful Accessories

bold pillow

Bold, colorful pillows pop against a white background

White serves as a great foundation color for home design in almost any setting to create a sophisticated and practical look. You can then use any variety of colorful accessories to brighten up the room. Consider some of the following ideas to incorporate white into your home.

  • The kitchen. Painted white walls and cabinetry provide a neutral palette on which colorful accents stand out. Ideas include a simple piece of wooden furniture, a rug and brightly colored, seasonal food.
  • White and dark gray. The two contrasting tones create a sense of elegance that works perfectly for the bedroom. Fashion this look with bedding, black and white photographs, and stylish, modern lamps.
  • Interesting accessories. Develop a colorful room with accessories that cohere with the furnishings, and create a cheerful appearance.
  • White on white. Make an impressive statement by hanging white artwork on white walls.
  • Dark furniture. A white room creates an ideal backdrop to show off dark furnishings. Add just a dash of color to the room, with a simple bouquet of single-toned flowers.

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image via Paul Michael Company

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